Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

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Our agriculture initiatives supply farmers with trees and medicinal plants and support the transition to more resilient, diversified food systems and economies.

Sustainable Agriculture Creates Sustainable Communities

Farmers in Morocco are facing unprecedented challenges to agricultural development. Rapid environmental degradation is exacerbated by drought, extreme temperatures, and land use change. Agricultural areas are characterized by poor soil and a dramatic, sustained loss of biodiversity.

We equip farmers with the resources to make sustainable agriculture — and food sovereignty — an option. By revisiting traditional agriculture that’s integrated into the local ecosystem, prioritizing biodiversity that is useful for farming, and ensuring the genetic diversity of crops, locally adapted, resilient food systems will re-emerge and be strengthened.

We focus on fruit and nut tree agriculture because of the many benefits to tree planting projects. Providing native trees and medicinal herbs to farmers while supporting capacity-building for growing, harvesting, processing, and selling products is an incredibly powerful way to support sustainable agricultural development — and it’s something you can be a part of. 

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Measurable Progress

Our ongoing efforts to support communities on their path to sustainability have already produced results.


tons of food produced by our trees that have already reached maturity


trees planted in partnership with farmers, cooperatives, and schools in Morocco


farming families supported with affordable tree saplings and hands-on support in the 2022-23 planting season


farmers who obtained organic certification with our support, and 1,400 farmers who received direct training in organic agriculture between 2000 and 2014

Success Stories

From medicinal and aromatic herbs to fruit and nut trees, and more farming families and cooperatives 
are making significant progress. Read some of their stories.

Our Other Programs

High Atlas Foundation supports a variety of sustainable development projects within Moroccan communities.

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Get Involved in Sustainable Development

Your generosity supports community-led sustainability projects that strengthen social ecosystems and cultural connections, grow Morocco’s green and agricultural economies, and empower women to become confident project leaders in their communities.

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