Atlas Hope Ultra

Atlas Hope Ultra

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Take on an 84KM Ultramarathon through the High Atlas in support of earthquake-affected communities.

The Atlas Hope Ultra 2024: Teaser

Running for Impact

We are a mission-driven organization passionate about leveraging global contributions for social good. Following the September 2023 earthquake, we shifted our existing programs in response to the unique approach required for post-disaster relief and recovery. 

We've had great success in partnering with earthquake-affected communities and global partners for participatory, sustainable rebuilding. As we launch the pilot year of our first ultramarathon fundraiser, we're excited to have the opportunity to connect runners — and their communities — with the incredibly resilient communities of the High Atlas. 

Existing Fundraisers

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Step 1. Fundraiser Form

Fill out a form with some basic information such as your name, contact information, and the name of your fundraiser. We’ll provide some tips for this.

Set your fundraiser date range, get advice on naming your fundraiser, choose from options for a cover photo, and set a goal. Your fundraiser will conclude at either the goal or the end date, whichever comes first. Wrap up with a Call to Action message that encourages people to donate to your fundraiser and explains why you support the work of the High Atlas Foundation.


Step 2. Fundraiser Submission

Once you have submitted your fundraiser, our system will automatically create your fundraiser as a website page. It will also send you an email with a link to your fundraiser so you can review the contents and make changes. Be sure to save the link so that you can share it with family and friends and update the information if needed.

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Step 3. Fundraiser Review

Review your fundraiser. It will automatically appear after a few seconds. You can also follow the link in the confirmation email. Use the EDIT button in the upper right corner to make any changes.

NOTE: Five sections appear beneath your Call to Action message. This is information about our organization that cannot be edited. These sections include:

  • Statistics - Information about past successes
  • Recent Supporters - Highlights named or anonymous donors
  • Testimonials - A curated collection from program beneficiaries
  • About - Information on our history and purpose
  • Photo Carousel - A slideshow of our work across Morocco